Here’s what some of our happy swimmers have to say!
“Since class 1, I have gone to the pool a few times to try to get the hang of the technique you showed us and, while it obviously hasn’t been easy and I am still struggling with it, I can already feel myself gliding through the water much faster than before. At one point, out of curiosity, I timed my 300m and it was 20 seconds faster than I had ever done, and I wasn’t even really trying to go very fast.”
– Jim H.
“I used to be a scared, back of the pack, Triathlon swimmer, but NOT ANYMORE!!!! Thanks to Tom’s Pool School, I have gained the confidence, speed and technique I need to get on the podium!”
– Rebecca W.
“Tom’s pool school stopped the insanity of endless laps with wasted time & energy. You will learn every aspect of the stroke, while incorporating efficiency and power. Because of Tom’s Pool School, I no longer have to say, ‘I’ll make it up in the bike & run!'”
– Kevin M.
“I didn’t realize how much just minor adjustments to my stroke could translate to such efficiency and speed gains. I found my swimming rhythm in Pool School. It is amazing the calm and SPEED that has translated into on race day. When I get out of the pool now, I feel STRONG not tired.”
– Jill P.

The Latest Buzz

FRIDAY, November 3, 2017, 9:30 am: WOW!!! Pool School opened today at 8:00 a.m.. All the winter, 2017 Pool School classes were SOLD OUT by 9:30! THANK YOU! The November-December sessions along with the winter sessions (January-February) always sell out pretty darn quick! The 2018 January-February sessions will be announced the first week of December! Please take a couple minutes to watch the NEW PSI1&2 video! It has a bunch of cool, chlorine smelling things to fire you up! Put on the cap and goggles! It is GO time! Remember, each class limited to 9 swimmers! If you’ve visited “Tom’s Pool School” over the past 12-years, you know, every session sells out! Hope you’ll join us! Classes begin soon!
Thank you for 12-years of support!

Hi, Tom here! Thank you for checking out my “Pool School!” I am passionate about helping you, but we need to make sure it is right for YOU! So please, take a view minutes to view the videos! Thanks!

Tom’s Pool School – Original Pool School

Tom’s Original Pool School

2017 is the 12th year for Tom Ryan’s, Coach Tom’s Pool School (PS). Tom, a “Swim Mechanics Teacher” & Competitor Magazines two-time, back-to-back Triathlon Coach of the Year, has been helping swimmers develop better TECHNIQUE and EFFICIENCY for over a decade!
Coach Tom’s Pool School (TPS) is a five-session, in-depth swim program designed for the developing athlete. Pool School classes are one-hour sessions teaching his four tenants of smoother, easier, more efficient swimming, LENGTH, BALANCE, ANCHORING and FINISHING.
Pool School and PSI 1&2 have only two REQUIREMENTS:
1. All entrants must be able to continuously swim 50-yards.
2. All entrants must be able to swim with their head in the water. If you swim like “Tarzan” this class is not for you.
Tom’s Pool School includes:
• In-pool technique sessions and demonstration
• Complete individual stroke break-down
• Underwater filming of your stroke (Class #1 or PSI1)
• Tom’s Deep water kicking drills
Sessions limited to 9 athletes. Over the past 12-years, every session has SOLD OUT!

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NEW! Pool School Immersion 1 & 2

Since creating Pool School nearly 20-years ago, I’ve added something NEW! Pool School Immersion One and Two (PSI 1&2).
I developed Pool School for one reason, to help the developing athlete swim with less effort and more efficiently. So what is Pool School Immersion One and Two? My regular Pool School classes are five, one-hour sessions teaching my four tenants of smoother, easier, more efficient swimming, LENGTH, BALANCE, ANCHORING and FINISHING.
(PSI) One and Two are one-day, two-plus hour classes.
Class One: Underwater filming of your stroke, video of proper technique along with LENGTH AND BALANCE!
Class Two: ANCHORING, FINISHING w/bands and buoys and deep water kicking!

The original five-session Pool School is NOT going away! I am proud to say, every pool school class has sold out for over 10-years!
PSI 1&2 were created to benefit people unable to attend the five-session format.

Stop the exhausting, inefficient swim workouts! Tired of working your butt off in the water and NEVER getting faster! Increase your endurance by swimming less!
Please do not be intimidated! Every student will graduate a better, more efficient swimmer with improved technique!
There are no GREAT swimmers in pool school. Just people like you looking to be more efficient with less effort!
Please join us!

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SOLD OUT! Saturday, November 11 & December 9, Class A, PS1, Lewisville, 1:00-4:00 p.m. Westside Aquatics Center, 1750 Duncan Ln, Lewisville, TX Click HERE to register!
SOLD OUT! Saturday, November 18 & December 16, Class B, PS1, Keller, 11:00-1:30 p.m. 1000 Bear Creek Parkway, Keller, TX Click HERE to register!


Keller Natatorium, 1000 Bearcreek Parkway, Keller, TX 76248
Lewisville-Westside Aquatics Center, 1750 Duncan Lane, Lewisville, TX 75067


Only $119.00!

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Q: Tom my swimming STINKS! No matter how often I swim, or type of workout, I do not get faster! What’s going on?!
A: It’s a combination of technique and pacing. Bottom link, most swimmers technique is simply not very good! That will change!

Q: What happens if I am unable to make one of the sessions?
A: NOTE: this question only applies to the five-session Pool School, not Pool School Immersion 1&2. In this day and age, 100% attendance can be rare. If you miss a class, you are welcome to join another class within the same sessions. IMPORTANT: All classes progress at a slightly different pace so if you drop into a different class, you might repeat some new techniques!

Q: How do I register for PSI 2? Are they combined into one session, will there be a later registration for PS2?
A: You take PSI1 first. Then you take PSI2 which is offered multiple times throughout the year.

Q: Can I take PSI2 before taking PSI1?
A: Stop it! Of course not. PSI1, then PSI2.

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Tom’s “Hard, Cold Facts:”

  • There is a 97.89% chance that if you keep swimming with your current technique, you will NEVER get faster! You WILL work HARDER and get SLOWER!
  • Most triathletes struggle with their swim. Inefficient workload, rhythm and poor technique are typical.
  • If you swim like “Tarzan” with your head completely out of the water, I cannot help you. You need swim lessons.
  • This NOT a Master’s Swim Class! None of our efforts exceed 50-yards intervals! This class was created to help you swim with less effort, with greater efficiency!

NOTE: I am a “Stroke Mechanics Coach!” I teach TECHNIQUE and EFFICIENCY which translates into power!

I LOVE the swim stroke! I will help you swim better with less effort! All you need to do is SHOW-UP with a KICK @#! attitude! I’ll take it from there!

Sarcasm and “banter” are part of the “Pool School DNA!”

Questions for Tom? Reach out at